Two Additional New Media Studio Courses Now Offered Fall 2015

24 Jun, 2015

Two Additional New Media Studio Courses Now Offered Fall 2015

Two additional new media studio courses are now being offered for this Fall 2015! Both courses will offer hands-on practice and satisfy the new media Designated Emphasis technology-focused requirement.

See below for more details!

NWMEDIA 290-002: Critical Practices: People, Places, Participation

Mondays and Wednesdays 10am – 12:00pm, 4 units
A studio design course where students work at the intersection of technological innovation and socially engaged art. Students will integrate a suite of digital fabrication tools with social design methods to create work that engages in cultural critique. Working with innovative technologies and radical, new art practices, this course will explore: hybrid art forms, critical design for community engagement, interventions in public spaces, tactical media and disobedient objects. These new making strategies will reframe our notions of people, places and participation.

NWMEDIA 290-003: Archive, Install, Restore

Thursdays 4 – 7:00pm, 3 units
Through hands-on creative practice, this graduate seminar will examine and revive technologies associated with early computing and network culture. In preparation for an exhibition on electronic literature, students will build concrete prototypes of interactive displays, design user flows through the exhibition space, and develop a print catalog to accompany the exhibition.