Critical Practices Final Showcase

12 Jan, 2016

Critical Practices Final Showcase

The inaugural class for Critical Practices, co-taught by Eric Paulos and Jill Miller, with Adam Hutz serving as GSI, presented their final showcase on Thursday, December 10th, in the new Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation!

Critical Practices is a hands-on, studio design course where students work at the intersection of technological innovation and socially engaged art. Students integrated a suite of digital fabrication tools with social design methods to create work that engages in cultural critique. Working with innovative technologies and radical, new art practices, this course explored: hybrid art forms, critical design for community engagement, interventions in public spaces, tactical media and disobedient objects. These new making strategies reframe our notions of people, places and participation.

With demonstrations and posters that spanned garbage sorting, interactive group games, food sharing, package delivery, and more, teams exhibited a range of socially embedded and engaged media!

Congratulations Critical Practices!

You can read more about the Jacob's Institute's semester of innovation online at Medium!

Check out some of these works showcased online here:

Or, flick through our photos of the exhibition, held in conjunction with CS 160, below!

2015 NWMEDIA 290 Critical Practices Showcase