BCNM Faculty Teaching New Data Arts Class

11 Feb, 2016

BCNM Faculty Teaching New Data Arts Class

BCNM's Greg Niemeyer will be teaching Data Arts, a new online course in Arts Practice this fall. The course focuses on data visualization and teaches students to use the Kinoma development environment. Marvell Technology Group donated 60 Kinoma units worth $9000 to the class for student use.

In the class, students formulate a hypothesis, collect data, and through Kinoma, find ways to visualize and interact with the data to find hypothesis support and further insights.

In addition to using the Kinoma unit to store and collect data, students will set up a controlled event or actionable outcome through a relay which will automatically be determined by the data collected by the Kinoma.

Niemeyer and GSI Andrea Gagliano hope to attract an array of students interested in the connection between data science and visual aesthetics and the insight that interaction with data can bring.