Alex Saum-Pascual Selfie Poetry to be Exhibited

24 Jun, 2016

Alex Saum-Pascual Selfie Poetry to be Exhibited

Assistant Professor Alex Saum-Pascual, BCNM and Spanish and Portuguese, has had her poem '24-7', from her series Selflex, was exhibited at the Print Screen Festival. She was selected as a finalist in the Relaxation Machine competition and her work was exhibited with the winner and six other finalists.

Selflex, is described as an e-poetry exploration of women and capitalism. It's the second set of #selfiepoetry she has written, in response to the success of her first, Fake Art Histories and the Inscription of the Digital Self . The pieces combine self portraits, GIFs and screenshots of word documents to create both dynamic and moving pieces of poetry that explore the experience of women in the digital world.

See Prof. Saum's Selflex collection here

[caption id="attachment_12836" align="alignleft" width="620"]Alex Saum-Pascual's work at PrintScreen Alex Saum-Pascual's work at PrintScreen[/caption]

Just as the "PrintScreen" function captures a screenshot of a computer, so does the Print Screen festival capture a contemporary screenshot of life in the epoch of new media. The festival drew together artists, technologists and digital culture researchers for four days of programming at the Holon Cinematheque in Holon, Israel. This year's theme was PLEASURE and the festival raised new thoughts regarding modern questions of pleasure with a wide selection of films, contextual programming, interactive presentations, master classes with international artists, workshops, lectures and panel discussions.

NewHive and the Print Screen Festival invited artists to submit work based on the theme of “Relaxation Machine” using NewHive’s multimedia Net Art platform. A jury of judges, including Liat Berdugo, Net Art and Special Programs Curator of Print Screen; Melissa Broder, Director of Media & Special Projects at NewHive; Lior Zalmanson, Artistic Director of Print Screen selected one artist to receive an award. The seven other finalists' work was also be exhibited in the Holon Cinematheque and Mediatheque during the Print Screen Festival.

The exhibit addressed the questions of what the relationship is between technology and relaxation -- between technology and sleep, even? How do our dreams relate to the divinations and future-looking inclinations of the technological landscape? What are the consequences of ‘always on’ digital culture? How does technology create new sources of pleasure and relaxation, while at the same time denying these in the name of productivity?

Read more about the Print Screen Festival and the Relaxation Machine here.