Shannon Jackson Published in the Journal of Visual Culture

18 Jul, 2016

Shannon Jackson Published in the Journal of Visual Culture

Shannon Jackson, Vice Provost of Arts + Design and professor in rhetoric and performance studies, provided the code to the April 2016 edition of the Journal of Visual Culture. Shannon, who serves on the boards at the Berkeley Center for New Media, Cal Performances, the Berkeley Art Museum, the English Institute, and the Oakland Museum of California, was featured in a themed issue on Visual Activism, co-edited by UC Berkeley's own Julia Bryan-Wilson, as well as Jennifer González and Dominic Willsdon.

From the Editors' Introduction:

Jackson raises parallel questions about the term visual activism, troubling the easy conjoining of the constituent words by considering what of each might be lost in their pairing. Her concluding coda proposes we consider the relations between forms that are militant and those that are elusive, between the benefits and drawbacks of ambivalence, and the ongoing tension of large-scale strategies and small-scale tactics. ‘Visuality’, she writes, ‘is something produced as an historiographical process, even as history is something produced by a visual process.’ Taking this observation as axiomatic, the contributors to this issue offer their own insights about how to move forward.

The Journal of Visual Culture offers astute, informative and dynamic thought on the visual. The journal publishes peer-reviewed work from a range of methodological positions, on various historical moments and across diverse geographical locations. It is the leading interdisciplinary forum for visual culture studies scholars in film, media and television studies; art, design, fashion and architecture history; cultural studies and critical theory; philosophy and aesthetics; and across the social sciences.

Congratulations, Julia and Shannon!

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