Lashon Daley reads Mr. Okra in Confetti Park

09 Sep, 2016

Lashon Daley reads Mr. Okra in Confetti Park

Lashon Daley is a BCNM DE student and working on a PhD in Performance Studies. She read her book, Mr. Okra for Confetti Park, the radio show and podcast supported by the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation, Music Rising at Tulane University, and OffBeat Magazine. Mr. Okra is based on a real street vendor in New Orleans, and the man himself performs in part of the podcast.

Lashon is an emerging storyteller and her research focuses on the performances of Brer Rabbit tales within contemporary U.S. culture. Her work has appeared in O, The Oprah Magazine, Storytelling Magazine, and Underwater New York. Her book, Mr. Okra Sells Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, was published by Pelican Publishing in February 2016. Lashon is also the creator of Stories&Slams, a podcast that focuses on everyday stories.

Learn more about Lashon and here book here.

Listen to the reading and learn more about Confetti Park here.