Don Buchla in Memoriam

19 Sep, 2016

Don Buchla in Memoriam

We are so sad to hear that pioneering sound synthesis engineer and inventor Don Buchla passed away on September 14, 2016 at 79 years old. Buchla graduated from UC Berkeley as a physics major in 1959 and went on to create the first modular synthesizers. He's survived by his son Erza Buchla, and daughters Jeannine Serbanich and Erin Buchla.

At BCNM, we were privileged to hear Don speak at our 2014 Arts, Technology and Culture Colloquium on March 10, 2014. You can watch his talk "How Complicated Could a Metronome Be" below.

Watch the recording of Buchla's talk with transcript here

Read the NYT's feature on Buchla here