Shannon Jackson at the Tate Exchange

24 Oct, 2016

Shannon Jackson at the Tate Exchange

Shannon Jackson, assistant professor in Rhetoric and Performance Studies, will participate in a series of events at the Tate Modern Museum in London. The event will be on from October 25th to the 27th, at the Tate Exchange in Switch House. The Tate Modern hosts the Tate's international modern and contemporary art, in comparison to Tate Britain's focus on the last five hundred years of British art.

The Tate, should you find yourself on Bankside in London is free, as are the workshops.

Shannon Jackson and other invited guests will discuss keywords that describe the changing role of exchange in contemporary art. The goal is to cause audience members to question their use of language, imagine new ways to describe your experiences of art and find new ways to describe experiments in contemporary art.

Speakers reflecting on language and experience in art include the artist Sonia Boyce, the writer and curator Adrian Heathfield, Marko Daniel (Convenor, Public Programmes, Tate), Sam McGuire (Assistant Curator: Interpretation, Tate) and Valentina Ravaglia (Assistant Curator, Tate Modern).

Shannon Jackson is Hadidi Professor and Director of the Arts Research Center at UC Berkeley, where she also serves as Associate Vice Chancellor for the Arts and Design. Her most recent writing includes, Social Works 2011, The Builders Association 2015, and the keyword website, In Terms of Performance.

Read more about the event and the Tate here.