AMPLab to Become RISELab

14 Nov, 2016

AMPLab to Become RISELab

We're excited to see AMPLab transform into RISELab! BCNM professor Ken Goldberg is one of the faculty members in the newly re-named RISE Lab, which is changing its focus after six years to real-time secure decision stacks. You can read more about these changes here

From the announcement:

"UC Berkeley AMPLab will shut its doors in December after six years of delivering major technological innovations like Apache Spark, Apache Mesos, and Alluxio. Taking its place is the RISELab, which will focus its efforts on delivering a secure real-time decision stack, dubbed SRDS.

"Ion Stoica, the co-founder and executive chairman of Spark backer Databricks and a professor of computer science and electrical engineering at Berkeley, discussed the new RISELab last week during the Spark Summit EU 2016 conference in Brussels, Belgium.
"'Committed to the goal of building open-source frameworks, tools, and algorithms that make building real-time applications decisions on live data with stronger security,' according to the Databricks blog, 'this new phase is set to innovate and enhance Spark with two projects—Drizzle and Opaque—Stoica said.'

"Thirty lucky undergraduate students at UC Berkeley will get to participate in the RISELab, which will be held Mondays from 3:30 to 5:30 in Soda 405 on the UC Berkeley campus, according to this description of the class posted to Github.
"Stoica will be joined by three others and assistant professors in the electrical engineering and computer science department in teaching the class, including Professor Joe Hellerstein, who is also a co-founder of Trifacta, and assistant professors Joseph Gonzalez and Raluca Ada Popa, who are co-founders at machine-learning software company Turi and PreVeil, a security software startup, respectively."