Special Events

Fall 2016 Open House

Special Events
23 Aug, 2016

Fall 2016 Open House

Meet BCNM's incoming director Nicholas de Monchaux and celebrate the start of the semester with the Berkeley Center for New Media's annual open house! This is a great opportunity to connect with faculty, students, and staff on campus who work in the new media space.

Below are some of the amazing projects we'll have on display:
Wearable prototypes from the research behind Google's Project Jacquard by Noura Howell | Kimiko Ryokai & Eric Paulos
Demonstrations from the Hybrid Ecologies Lab | Eric Paulos

Skintillates: Designing and Creating Epidermal Interactions- Joanne Lo
BCNM LED -- Crafting LED Displays: An Exploration of Light as Material through Secondary Optics - Cesar Torres
LiveWire: Leveraging Theatricality for an Expressive Internet of Things - Cesar Torres

ProxyPrint: Supporting Crafting Practice through Physical Computational Proxies - Cesar Torres
Tool Path as a Mold: Forming 2.5D geometries from plastic sheets - Kevin Tian
Fingernail displays: Ambient information at your fingertips - Christine Dierk
Ukulele Fabrication: Computationally designing ukuleles for fabrication - Christine Dierk

Visualizations on the Color of New Media by Andrea Horbinski and Renée Pastel | Abigail De Kosnik
Radial displays of climate change by Akhila Raju | Greg Niemeyer
* Selfie Poetry | Alex Saum-Pascual

Plus, you'll have the chance to preview our upcoming programming (GIFs, Immersion, Algorithms, and more!) and our vision for the coming year. Join us to reconnect — or forge new connections — and find out more about how you can be involved in new media at Berkeley!

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