Special Events

Tarek Atoui Concert

Special Events
20 Mar, 2015

Tarek Atoui Concert

MATRIX 258 features the work of artist and electroacoustic composer Tarek Atoui, who initiates and curates multidisciplinary interventions, events, concerts and workshops in Europe and the Middle East.

Education and social connection are integral aspects of Atoui’s practice. For example, for the Sharjah Biennial 11 (2013) Atoui produced WITHIN, a sound program based on research into the ways in which deaf people experience and perceive sound. For his MATRIX project, Atoui will build on WITHIN, designing and fabricating instruments for deaf audiences. At the core of his work is an ongoing reflection on the instrument and the act of performance as a complex, open, and dynamic process.

As part of the MATRIX project and a collaboration with the Berkeley Center for New Media, in March, Atoui will present a concert of his own music at Meyer Sound on March 20. Tickets are limited, so please reserve in advance here.

Tarek Atoui was born in Lebanon in 1980 and moved to Paris in 1998 where he studied contemporary and electronic music at the French National Conservatory of Reims. Co-artistic director of the STEIM Studios, Amsterdam (2008), Atoui released his first solo album in the Mort Aux Vaches series for the label Staalplaat (Amsterdam/Berlin) in 2006-07. He builds new software for each project and specialises in creating computer tools for interdisciplinary art forms and youth education.

Recent productions and performances have taken place in Fondation Louis Vuitton, France (2014), the Louvre, France (2013), Bonniers Konsthall, Sweden (2013), the Bienal de Mercosul, Brazil (2013), the Sharjah Biennal, United Arab Emirates (2013), and the Ruhr Triennal, Germany (2013). Much of Atoui’s work references social and political realities and presents music and new technologies as powerful tools of expression and identity. His pioneering youth workshop, Empty Cans, has been presented in France, Holland, Lebanon, Egypt, and in New York, as part of his Museum as Hub residency at the New Museum.

Atoui has been featured in the New Yorker.
To hear more of his music, visit his MySpace or Soundcloud page.

Co-presented with the Curtis R. Priem Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC) and the MATRIX Program. The MATRIX Program for Contemporary Art introduces the Bay Area community to exceptional work being made internationally, nationally, and locally, creating a rich connection to the current dialogues on contemporary art and demonstrating that the art of this moment is vital, dynamic, and often challenging. Confronting traditional practices of display and encouraging new, open modes of analysis, MATRIX provides an experimental framework for an active interchange between the artist, the museum, and the viewer. There have been hundreds of shows at BAM/PFA since the program's inception in 1978.

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