Special Events

Preserving Our Intellectual Legacies in the Digital Age

Special Events
09 Apr, 2015

Preserving Our Intellectual Legacies in the Digital Age

An Authors Alliance event presented by the Townsend Center for the Humanities

Lunch provided. Register online.

Scholars are often so busy with current research projects and other matters that we don't think about how best to preserve our intellectual legacies. But it is worth asking: Will future generations of scholars appreciate our contributions after our books go out of print? Or when the physical bookshelves on which they are stored must compete with virtual bookshelves, full of new electronic resources that are more easily discovered and accessed online? How can authors avoid the prospect of intellectual oblivion in the digital age?

Authors concerned with these questions have formed the nonprofit Authors Alliance to help formulate answers. Join us for a conversation about overcoming legal, technical, and institutional obstacles to the preservation of our intellectual legacies. Topics will include the process of reclaiming copyrights from publishers, the role of fair use in preserving works, and the potential of open access publishing to make and keep works accessible to readers.


Carla Hesse, Peder Sather Professor of History, Executive Dean of the College of Letters and Science, and Dean of Social Sciences
Molly Van Houweling, Professor of Law
Thomas Laqueur, Helen Fawcett Professor of History
Tom Leonard, University Librarian and Professor of Journalism

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