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Design for All: Inclusivity By Design

Special Events
08 Apr, 2015

Design for All: Inclusivity By Design


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Creating for our comfort, providing for our existence, responding to the daily challenges that impact our lives, is a matter of design. There has never been a more exciting or vital time for the presence of design, and the need for “humanism” in design has never been more crucial to our future. By focusing our talents on the needs of each individual as equal, designers have given birth to a new order: “Inclusivity By Design.” This “Design For All” philosophic challenge doesn’t simply ask "Why?"€ but rather, "Why not?"€

Designer and gerontologist Patricia Moore will examine the potential for this new order by design and explore the opportunities for our lifespan autonomy.

Co-sponsored by: Berkeley Center for New Media | CITRIS Data & Democracy Initiative, CITRIS Mobile App Challenge | Health@CITRIS | Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation

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