CS160 Final Project Showcase

12 Aug, 2017

CS160 Final Project Showcase

CS 160: User Interface Design, lead by BCNM's own Cesar Torres, showcased their final projects on Thursday and Friday August 11-12th from 10 to noon in the Jacobs Hall!

This year's project theme was 'Cool Media.' Following a user-centric design process, students were tasked with designing a user interface that engages users to make sense of their actions, their surroundings, or their practice. Rather than "spoon-feed" content, these interfaces ask the user to participate in sensemaking.

With the pedagogy of Marshall McLuhan's infamous aphorism, "The medium is the message," in mind, Professor Torres encouraged students to design a product meant for an audience beyond their own respective demographics. Some products, for example, were geared towards extreme travelers who would want to document inimate moments along their journeys, senior citizens with a desire to scrapbook memories, and high schoolers who have difficulty getting out of bed in the morning.

What resulted was an exciting purview of "hot" and "cold" media, as McLuhan defined the terms in "Understanding Media."

We encourage you to explore the scope of the class projects, which ran the gamut from treating one's car like a pet, to a Chrome extension that presents news articles from different political viewpoints in a neutral space. Find the whole roster of teams here.

2017 CS160 Summer Showcase