Alum Clement Hil Goldberg at Counterpulse

08 Aug, 2017

Alum Clement Hil Goldberg at Counterpulse

Counterpulse, a space for experimental, interdisciplinary dancers and performers, has just released its fall 2017 lineup.

On the roster is Alum Clement Hil Goldberg's "Our Future Ends," a performance centered around several lemurs (yes, the primate) navigating a world that threatens their existence. Stop animation, live performances of dance and theatre, and video documentation culminate in Goldberg's piece, which Counterpulse describes as a "sad yet hopeful satire."

Her work will be showing Oct 12-15 and 19-21 from 8-9 PM.

Explore the rest of this season's line-up. Purchase tickets to Goldberg's creative performance here.