Game Design Research Group Revisits HTNM with Mary Flanagan

05 Apr, 2016

Game Design Research Group Revisits HTNM with Mary Flanagan

Christopher Sean Bennett from Stanford’s Game Design Research Group attended Mary Flanagan’s HTNM lecture – Critical Play – on Thursday March 17th. Here’s what he gained from the lecture:

“[Mary Flanagan’s] more recent work, Values at Play in Digital Games (The MIT Press, 2014) was co-written with philosopher Helen Nissenbaum, and demonstrates that thinking about values is a key to innovation.

This may be a new concept for people, and even many game designers. But it’s an important one. Not only that we could be thinking about values in our games. But that perhaps we should be proactive about this. Game designers can use books like this as a valuable tool to think about their designs. And game players and interested academics can learn how to analyze and make critical decisions about what games they spend their valuable time playing.

Mary’s talk was both wide-ranging and thought provoking, and you can learn more about her work here.”

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