Alex Saum-Pascual and aluma Lydia Tuan at ELO 2017

25 Jul, 2017

Alex Saum-Pascual and aluma Lydia Tuan at ELO 2017

This year's Electronic Literature Organization (ELO) conference was titled, "Electronic Literature: Affiliations, Communities, Translations," a continuation of the organization's mission to shed light on unsung histories of electronic literature and the rich dialogue that is unearthed from its poetic and historic scholarship. The conference, hosted in the coastal Porto, Portugal, held debate, performances, presentations, and exhibits for its attendees.

Assistant Prof. of Spanish, Alex Saum-Pascual, worked on the conference's organization team within the artistic committee and presented on two roundtable panels, "E-Lit &/as Memory" and "Exposé!! The Global Practice of Curating E-Lit Exhibits". Alex, whose e-lit poems and work we've previously discussed here and here, drew from her paper “Memory Traces: Printed E-Lit as a Site for Remembrance" for "E-Lit &/as Memory".

Also representing BCNM was alum Lydia Tuan with her paper, “When Bots Author: Further Explorations in Generative Literature’s Computational Sublime,” in a session called "Automating, Remixing, and Recycling." Lydia, who studied Comparative Literature at Cal, has focused her research on authorship/auteur theory and reader spectatorship and is now studying at the University of Cambridge.

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