Video Now Online: Ken Goldberg at WAFR

17 Feb, 2017

Video Now Online: Ken Goldberg at WAFR

Check out Ken Goldberg's Chair Remarks at WAFR 2016, as well as all the amazing other work by UC Berkeley students and faculty!

Ken Goldberg presented at the 12th International Workshop on the Algorithmic Foundation of Robotics in SF. Goldberg, along with Jean-Claude Latombe, Dan Halperin, Lydia Kavraki organized the first Workshop on the Algorithmic Foundations of Robotics was held in San Francisco in 1994. It was a single-track meeting for presenting new research on the design and analysis of robot algorithms from both theoretical and practical perspectives. Since then, WAFR has been held every two years in Toulouse, Houston, Dartmouth, Nice, Utrecht, New York, Guanajuato, Singapore, Boston, and Istanbul.

Watch the videos here.

WAFR 2016 was sponsored by CITRIS, NVIDIA, Siemens, Samsung, ABB, Skydio, Microsoft, The International Foundation for Robotics Research, OSARO, Disney, Softbank Robotics and the National Science Foundation.