Ken Goldberg's WSJ Article Quoted in Forbes

18 Jul, 2017

Ken Goldberg's WSJ Article Quoted in Forbes

Forbes, in an article on the future of AI, referenced a recently published Wall Street Journal article that Professor Ken Goldberg wrote in June.

In his article, which you may access here with a WSJ subscription, Goldberg describes the multiplicity of AI's influence on the the landscape of workforces across the world.

An excerpt from the Forbes article, expressing the concerns of many who may feel more reticent towards the so-called AI revolution:

"The common fear that robots will take over the workforce, replacing humans altogether, is an example of singularity, or a single-entity (robots in this case) workforce. Multiplicity, on the other hand, describes a hybrid workforce comprised of a diverse group of robots and humans working together to achieve superior results compared to what either group could accomplish working alone."

Goldberg, however, combats this fear of "singularity" with the potention for human-machine collaboration, proven through his own research.

Read the Forbes article in its entirety here.