David Bates in Project Epistémè

05 Jul, 2017

David Bates in Project Epistémè

In preparation for the Entretiens du Nouveau Monde Industriel (ENMI) event on "Artificial Stupidity" this forthcoming December, Rhetoric Professor and BCNM faculty member David Bates contributed to a project that analyzed the scientific instruments and evolving data processing techniques of our digital economy today.

Professor Bates offered his insight to the "Artificial intelligence and the function of computation" seminar, held at the Center Pompidou, to further the conference's mission of applying the tools of Astrophysics and History to other disciplines.

The seminar's topics of examination included machine learning, deep learning, and Artificial Intelligence to problematize "black boxes," which conceal critical information to users.

Explore the fascinating ANR Epistémè project here.