Introducing Simon Zheng

11 May, 2017

Introducing Simon Zheng

Simon Zheng is an undergraduate at UC Berkeley pursuing a Bachelor degree in biology. However, I’ve always had a knack for financials and am very adept at analyzing information! I’m passionate about healthcare, but also care very deeply about volunteering, health/fitness, and men’s fashion. My favorite meal is undoubtedly Chipotle, but Thai food comes at a close second, and my favorite show to relax to is How I Met Your Mother and Suits!

I’m currently the Financial Assistant with the Center for New Media. I’m responsible for processing reimbursements/invoices/payments, making purchases, communicating with campus disbursements, inputting vendors into the BFS Bearbuy system, and paying students and faculty members of BCNM. In addition, I’ve helped smooth out finances at the Center and am responsible for assisting with documenting finances and monthly expenditures.

If you ever need to contact me, please reach out to: simonzhen97 [​at​]