Ken Goldberg at SAIL-Toyota Seminar Series at Stanford

01 Jun, 2017

Ken Goldberg at SAIL-Toyota Seminar Series at Stanford

Ken Goldberg presented "The New Wave in Robot Grasping" for the SAIL-Toyota Seminar Series. The talk is based in his current research in machine learning and co-robotics.

From the description:

"Despite 50 years of research, robots remain remarkably clumsy, limiting their applications in home decluttering, warehouse order fulfillment, and robot-assisted surgery.

"The first wave of grasping research, still dominant, uses analytic methods based on screw theory and assumes exact knowledge of pose, shape, and contact mechanics. The second wave is empirical: purely data-driven approaches which learn grasp strategies from many examples using techniques such as imitation and reinforcement learning with hyperparametric function approximation (Deep Learning).

"I believe that the next wave will be based on hybrid methods that combine analytic models to bootstrap empirical models, where data and code is exchanged via the Cloud using emerging advances in cloud computing and big data. I'll present examples of this history and emerging results from our lab..."

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