Alum Trevor Paglen Highlighted in Artnet

07 May, 2024

Alum Trevor Paglen Highlighted in Artnet

Alum Trevor Paglen's work is highlighted in Emily Steer's article "Star Power: How the Cosmos and Night Sky Inspire Contemporary Artists" for Artnet!

From the article:

When Trevor Paglen launched his artwork into space in 2018, astronomers were not happy. The sculpture was planned to be visible from the earth for a few months, functioning as a human made star. “It’s the space equivalent of someone putting a neon advertising billboard right outside your bedroom window,” said Jonathan McDowell, an astrophysicist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

As the artist saw it, his shiny, $1.5 million ‘Orbital Reflector’ was a mirror of human existence. “When we look up into the starry night sky, we tend to see reflections of ourselves,” said the artist in 2018.

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