BCNM at AAS 2024

26 Apr, 2024

BCNM at AAS 2024

The Association for Asian American Studies (AAAS) is the primary research and teaching hub for Asian American Studies, an interdisciplinary field born out of the 1960s movements for racial justice, third-world liberation, and student activism.

Check out the work of our presenting students and alumni!

Evan Sakuma will be part of the Undoing, Unbecoming: Grief, Care, and Asian American Artist-Scholarship (Greenwood) presenters at this year's event. Evan will be representing the University of California, Berkeley, with their work, "Already Elsewhere, All At Once: Performing Finalityas Mode of Radical Asiatic Existence."

Elizabeth Sun is going to be representing the University of California Berkeley with their presentation on "Yoko Tawada's Irradiated Worlds," as a part of the Utopias and Dystopias (Columbia) session with Chair Nancy Cho from Carleton College.

Lashon Daley is going to be presenting their work on Black and Asian: Constructions of Identity in Nicola Yoon's YA Novel, Everything, Everything, representing San Diego State University as part of the Rethinking Asian American Girlhoods (Greenwood) alongside Chair & Discussant: Erica Kanesaka, Emory University.

Margaret Rhee will be a participant in the Contingent Solidarities, Ambivalent, Relationalities in Asian American Studies (Jefferson A) Chair: Thomas Xavier Sarmiento, Kansas State University, with their work The New School. Alongside other participants, such as Martin Joseph Ponce, Pranav Jani, Vanita Reddy, and more!

Xiaowei Wang is representing UCLA as a participant in Beyond Cyborgs & Techies: Critical Technology Studies and Asian/American Life (Issaquah A) with Chair Lisa Nakamura from the University of Michigan.

Miyoko Conley is presenting their work Center on Race and Digital Justice Romancing the Night Away: Queering AnimateHierarchies in Hatoful Boyfriend and Tusks, as part of the Games and Asia/America: A Roundtable (Capitol Hill) with Chair Christopher B. Patterson, University of British Columbia.

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