Alum Xiaowei Wang Interviews ATC Speaker Jen Liu

18 Apr, 2024

Alum Xiaowei Wang Interviews ATC Speaker Jen Liu

Alum Xiaowei Wang interviews ATC Speaker Jen Liu for Bomb magazine!

From the description:

On an unusually cold December day in Taipei, I arrived at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum to see Jen Liu’s installation, The Land at the Bottom of the Sea, part of the Taipei Biennial 2023: Small World. Two paintings featuring grotesque yet cartoonish dangling eyeballs, long nails, and pink legs hang outside a darkened room that plays a video to a rapt audience. A requiem for the false promises of globalization and the last moments of labor-activist resistance, the video moves from a woman seemingly nonplussed about a new life underwater to a gory, shimmering, mermaid body horror. Viewers are pointed toward the Pacific and the ways different bodies bear the brunt of making our technological world into being.

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