Alum Edgar Fabián Frías' Art is on the Moon

04 Apr, 2024

Alum Edgar Fabián Frías' Art is on the Moon

The Arch Mission Foundation announced that the Arch Lunar Art Archive (ALAA) — an interstellar exhibition of 135 contemporary artists from around the world — successfully landed on the moon on February 22, 2024, aboard a payload on the Intuitive Machines’ Odysseus lander (via Lunaprise).

Joining Arch Mission’s Lunar Library, the ALAA extends the Foundation’s commitment to documenting and preserving human culture around the solar system. In 2019, Arch Mission deployed cutting-edge nanotechnology to send the largest library of human civilization into space via lunar lander. The 30-million-page Lunar Library consists of tens of thousands of books on all subjects, as well as all recorded history, a key to all known languages, and the entire English Wikipedia, making it one of the most durable archives of human history ever built.

Artists in the Arch Lunar Art Archive have exhibited in museums, are featured in major public collections, and have shown in galleries worldwide. The diverse global archive contains unique examples of art in all media. Amongst them is Edgar Fabián Frías, BCNM alum, with four digital art spells ready to be discovered by aliens in the future!

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