BCNM at SCMS 2024

11 Mar, 2024

BCNM at SCMS 2024

Check out the work of our students, faculty, and alumni at the Society for Cinema and Media Studies in Boston in 2024!


Jaclyn Zhou, "Travels in Subtle Asian Space: Anime Fan Tourism, Asian Diasporic Fans, and Racial Affect" in Representation and Reception in the Asian Diaspora.

Ziwei Chen, "The Shanghai Arcades: Toward a Media History of the Urban Interior" in Media Spaces.


Nicole Starosielski, "Environmental Media Infrastructure Practice: Bridging Production Cultures and Coastal Community Needs" in Exploring the Hidden Engines of Digital Mediation.

Jacob Gaboury, "Deep Fried: Screenshot Methods for Online Cultures" in Ordinary Media.

Hannah Zeavin, "Psychoanalysis and Media History Beyond Cinema" in What is Media History.


Renee Pastel, "Reclaiming the American Dream(house): Problemista (2023), Barbie (2023), and the Necessity of Fantasy" in Representation Reimagined.

Nicholaus Gutierrez, "Workstations, Windows, and Worlds: Spaces of Confusion in VR and Human Computer Interaction Research, 1980–1995" in The Space of Computation and the Computation of Space.

Tory Jeffay, "Squinters, Tweakers, and Very Very Very Faint Lines: How Home Pregnancy Tests Reveal the Logic of Media Conspiracy" in Alternative Epistemologies of Evidential Media.

Bo Ruberg, "Live Streaming Sex: An Alternate History" in Live Streaming Culture.

Alenda Chang, respondent in Speaking for the Trees Ecomedia Tactics in Forest Politics.

Kris Fallon, "Skin in the Game: Nextdoor and the History of Racialized Self-Surveillance" in Scales of Surveillance.

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