Innovation in the Internet Age

23 Feb, 2024

Innovation in the Internet Age

Alum Edgar Fabián Frías talks to Sarah M. Chappell in The Think Piece podcast about Innovation in the Internet Age!

From the description:

Artists feel the temperature shifts of our culture and economy before others even think to walk outside and see what the weather is. At this fulcrum moment of the Algorithmic Age, artists are up against some challenges: Generative AI threatens jobs, algorithms are overloaded and make it harder to reach customers, and niche communities have become professionalized at the expense of true connection.

But Edgar Fabián Frías isn’t afraid. Edgar is a boundary-breaking multidisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles with degrees in Psychology, Studio Art, and an MFA in Art Practice from UC Berkeley. Their immersive works blend diverse artistic disciplines, challenging conventional categories, and placing them directly at the intersection of creativity, innovation, and the Internet’s constant shifts.

Listen here!