Nicole Starosielski in Elements Symposium

06 Feb, 2024

Nicole Starosielski in Elements Symposium

The Berkeley Center for New Media is thrilled to announce that one of our esteemed BCNM faculty members, Nicole Starosielski, will be participating in the prestigious Elements Symposium at Duke University Press. This event marks a significant gathering of minds from various disciplines, all united in their exploration of the material substrates that are fundamental to human existence and the world around us.

We invite the community and the public to join us in celebrating Professor Starosielski’s involvement in this groundbreaking symposium on March 1st, Dwinelle Hall 3335, 9am-5pm.

The Elements series, hosted by Duke University Press, is an interdisciplinary platform that delves into the elemental forces shaping culture, politics, and communication across different historical periods. By focusing on the basic materials that constitute our environment, this series opens up new avenues for understanding the complex interrelations between human life and the earth’s substances.

On March 1, the Elements Symposium will celebrate the remarkable contributions of authors who have expanded our understanding of elemental analysis over the past five years. This event is not only a retrospective look at the groundbreaking work done in the field but also a forward-looking gathering that aims to set the agenda for future research. By bringing together past and future authors, the symposium aims to explore the cutting-edge of elemental work and engage in a vibrant discussion on what elemental analysis means today.

Her engagement with the Elements series underscores our faculty's role at the forefront of interdisciplinary research that seeks to understand and address some of the most pressing challenges facing our world today. We are excited to see how her contributions will inspire new directions in elemental analysis and further enrich our understanding of the material world.