Ken Goldberg in The Robot Report Year in Review

24 Dec, 2023

Ken Goldberg in The Robot Report Year in Review

The Robot Report provides engineering, technology, and business professionals with a single source for breaking news, product information, independent analysis, and in-depth research focused on the development, application, and use of robotics and intelligent systems technologies, products, and services.

On this episode of the Robot Report Podcast titled, "2023 year in review: GenAI, humanoids dominate robotics industry", editors Steve Crowe, Gene Demaitre, and Mike Oitzman sit down and review their favorite robotics news stories from 2023.

This episode also features UC Berkeley’s Ken Goldberg, Interact Analysis’ Ash Sharma, ASTM International’s Aaron Prather, The New Warehouse’s Kevin Lawton, and Formant’s Jeff Linnell. They all share their thoughts on the most interesting robot news of the year.

At the top of their list is the splash that generative AI and humanoid robots have made this year, and the speakers also provide a snapshot of the state of the robotics industry.

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