Alex Saum-Pascual on L&S in the Age of AI

20 Dec, 2023

Alex Saum-Pascual on L&S in the Age of AI

Alex Saum-Pascual spoke about AI and Research Innovation Across Disciplines at L&S in the Age of AI, featuring the following L&S faculty:

Josh Bloom, Astronomy
Marion Fourcade, Sociology
Keanan Joyner, Psychology
Alex Saum-Pascual, Contemporary Spanish Literature & New Media
Jennifer Johnson-Hanks, Executive Dean, College of Letters & Science

This Salon featured a captivating conversation with a digital artist, a psychologist, and an astrophysicist, who explored the transformative potential of AI within the vibrant context of research and liberal arts education at Berkeley Letters & Science.

Led by Marion Fourcade, Director of the Social Science Matrix and professor of sociology, these researchers discussed how their diverse fields are progressing in the age of AI. The panel concluded with a lively Q&A session and reception.

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