Interview with Edgar Fabián Frías in Bold Journey

13 Dec, 2023

Interview with Edgar Fabián Frías in Bold Journey

BCNM alum Edgar Fabián Frías was interviewed in Bold Journey! Read more about their practice!

My art practice is multidisciplinary and takes me to various corners of the world. I’m frequently invited to showcase my art in museums, galleries, universities, nonprofits, and businesses. I also serve as a visiting artist and educator, sharing insights about my art and creative processes. Additionally, I’m featured in exhibitions, art fairs, and biennials. My art spans various forms, including installations, video art, performances, public art, and ceremonies. I also share my art online through GIFs, videos, memes, virtual workshops, and more. My artistic interests lie in exploring the intersections of Latinx art, internet subcultures, queer aesthetics, generative art, glitch, and Indigenous Futurism.

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