Congratulating Our Fall 2023 Graduates

07 Dec, 2023

Congratulating Our Fall 2023 Graduates

Omnidirectional wifi speaker, Hae Sung Park.

Congratulations to our Fall 2023 graduates: Dongho Shin, Hae Sung Park, Karthika Baiju, Ashley Chu, and Lulu Cardoza! We are so excited to see their future successes.


Dongho Shin

Dongho is graduating with his Master of Design in Human-Computer Interaction from the Engineering Department, with an emphasis on HCI with hardware and software for accessibility to foster human ability. After graduating, he will continue his research at the university. Dongho has received sevearl grants from BCNM, including the Summer Research Grant, the Undergraduate Research Project Grant, and a Conference Grant.

Hae Sung Park

Hae Sung Park is graduating with a Masters in Design. Hae Sung graduated the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) before joining Samsung, where they worked on the hardware development and design of various products. Hae Sung is interested in calm technology, where information is delivered to users' peripherals according to levels of urgency or importance, and context-aware implicit inputs/output rather than typing and touch.

Karthika Baiju

Karthika is a Master of Design student graduating in Dec 2023. She is also a Bay area-based product designer and HCI Researcher. She loves crafting unique ways for people to interact with technology by converting unusual surfaces such as ceramics and paint into interactive interfaces and imagining new ways to integrate craft in art with technology. She loves working with projects that reimagine what it means to live with technology in the everyday home and focusing beyond and away from screens. She is originally from Kerala, India, and loves painting.

Undergraduate Certificate

Ashley Chu

Ashley is an engineer who enjoys wrangling pixels in her studies within electrical engineering, computer science, and art history. She's fascinated with intermingling emerging technologies, entrepreneurship, and storytelling to create tools that make the world more human. Her primary focus lies in software engineering, computer graphics, and making, and she's always up for a conversation on meaning, making, and humanity. Outside of school, Ashley enjoys running, photography, and reading to reconnect with herself.

Lulu Cardoza

Lulu double majors in media studies with an emphasis in digital studies, as well as in theatre performance studies. They also minor in dance performance studies, and are so grateful to be participating in the Undergraduate Certificate program from the Berkeley Center for New Media. They have grown up in the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as the East Bay area region of Concord, CA. Lulu plans to continue working in education, a field they've been in for the past 9 years. They hope to teach, work in administration, and/or continue their education in graduate school. Lulu currently works for the Berkeley Discovery Database as a student assistant, helping to research opportunities for all Berkeley undergraduates hoping to enter graduate school and beyond. They also work as a student assistant for the Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education, Oliver O'Reilly. Through the Berkeley Center for New Media, Lulu has been able to connect and learn from many great instructors, most notably Professors Clancy Wilmott, Emma Fraser, Abigail DeKosnik, Shannon Jackson, and Lisa Wymore. Lulu feels empowered to continue to challenge what we consume, never settle for comfortability, and to keep a keen eye out for innovation and change.