A fulfilling and comprehensive experience

28 Nov, 2023

A fulfilling and comprehensive experience

Minh Anh Van reflects on her experience as the inaugural BCNM AAPI Media Creatives Fellow!

My name is Minh Anh Van, a senior at Cal majoring in Film and Media, and I am the inaugural AAPI Media Creative Fellow. I am passionate about increasing representation of historically marginalized communities in films and TV shows.

Being a part of this fellowship was definitely an eye-opening experience and tremendous learning opportunity. Having AAPI leaders in the entertainment industry like Jason, Lacy, and Laura as my mentors has been an absolute honor and privilege. Throughout the summer, I was able to connect with them, learn about what they do, and get advice for my career. They also took me to industry-related events and introduced me to their respective networks. During the summer, my schedule was always packed with either work projects, industry events, or networking coffees and lunches.

With Lacy’s support, I was able to secure a great internship opportunity with Free The Work, a nonprofit that aims to diversify creators behind the lens. I worked in their concierge department, curating talent lists (directors, cinematographers, editors, composers, etc.) for U.S. and global clients such as Google, Target, and P&G.

Overall, my summer in Los Angeles during this fellowship was such a fulfilling and comprehensive experience that I now feel very confident to graduate and start my career in the entertainment industry. I know that the precious relationships that I have made during the fellowship will continue even after I graduate. I am incredibly thankful for everyone who has been involved and supported me along the way!

For more information on the AAPI Media Creatives Fellowship, click here. Applications open December 1! Love what we do and what to support the next AAPI Media Creatives Fellow? Donate here!