Announcing the 2023 Jarvis Scholarship Recipients

18 Sep, 2023

Announcing the 2023 Jarvis Scholarship Recipients

In 2015, a generous gift by game developer Eugene Jarvis established the Eugene Jarvis Media Innovation Scholarship, in support of undergraduate students learning to critically analyze and help shape developments in new media.

Recognizing that education has become increasingly expensive and that students as a result are motivated to make educational decisions based on future job prospects, Jarvis hopes to promote intellectual exploration. “The undergraduate experience is the most formative in education,” Eugene Jarvis has said. “It’s the one time in your life you have an open mind and are absorbing knowledge while trying to find your mission on earth […] College is the ultimate kickstarter. I want to give students the freedom to learn the tools that will allow them to make something of their lives.”

This year, the Jarvis Scholarship has been awarded to Kelsey Choe, Em Erce, and Anna Ma.

From Kelsey:

My experience partaking in graduate courses through the Berkeley Center or New Media has been a keystone in building my academic interests and intellectual curiosity for digital humanities research as an undergraduate. I am filled with gratitude for the opportunities the professors and advisors from BCNM have provided me, and I am excited to continue my explorative learning through resources provided by the program.

From Em:

Currently, I am pursuing an Interdisciplinary Field Studies degree with a focus in Cognitive Science, Media Studies, and Design. My profound interest lies in comprehending human-centered design and its transformative impact on human interaction and engagement with reality. As an artist, photography and graphic design have always been my mediums, and thanks to BCNM, I am now delving into prototyping and fabrication techniques.

Being a low-income, first-generation student, attending university seemed improbable while managing a full course load while working to settle financial responsibilities. I am immensely grateful for the support and encouragement that enabled me to excel this far academically. Now, I feel incredibly fortunate to be a part of the BCNM program, especially with the honor of the Eugene Jarvis Scholarship for New Media Innovation, as it allows me to explore my design skills and discover my passions with financial support. Thank you sincerely for this opportunity!

From Anna:

I am incredibly grateful to receive this scholarship as part of the New Media certificate program! Participating in this program has given me a structured way to pursue new media arts projects and explore creative technologies that I wouldn’t have been able to access on my own. New media courses have always been the highlight of my schedule and I especially look forward to taking my first graduate level new media course (NWMEDIA 201 Questioning New Media) in the fall!