Edgar Fabian Frias at Australia's TWFineArts

17 Aug, 2023

Edgar Fabian Frias at Australia's TWFineArts

Edgar Fabián Frías is a multidisciplinary artist, psychotherapist, educator, curator, and brujx based in Los Angeles. With a passion for breaking boundaries and creating new forms of knowledge, Frías blends diverse artistic disciplines to produce thought-provoking and immersive works of art that transcend conventional categories. Their oeuvre encompasses installation, photography, video art, sound, sculpture, printed textiles, GIFs, performance, social practice, and community organizing, reflecting their commitment to experimentation and innovation.

Ancient Mutant is a mixed media animation featuring Edgar wearing a captivating gender expansive outfit adorned with makeup. Edgar holds a transforming orb in one hand and fire in the other, while being surrounded by animals, plants, crystals, and other sacred elements. Behind Edgar, the background shifts in vibrant colors, creating an immersive and lively experience.

This artwork was curated by Chris Truman into the group exhibition "One Blown Fuse Away From Irrelevance" about the internet’s visual language, memes, gifs, and adopted personas with the incredible lineup of Lorna Mills, WAAMBAT, Casey Kauffmann, Carla Gannis, and Edgar.

This exhibition took place at TWFINEART in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Chris was also able to get my artwork exhibited on the side of the Alcyone Hotel as seen below. Many thanks to thr33som3s and Cactoid Labs for their support in making this project possible.

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