Hannah Zeavin Talks #OverwhelmedMom

17 Jul, 2023

Hannah Zeavin Talks #OverwhelmedMom

Check out the video online of Hannah Zeavin in conversation with Kathryn Jezer-Morton, Sophie Hamacher and Rea McNamara on the intersection of parenting and technology!

From the description:

Millennial moms face many new challenges tied to techno-parenting, from the commodification of motherhood via "momfluencers" to the ethical implications of parental surveillance alongside the unattainable health and beauty standards circulated on social platforms like Instagram and Tiktok. Yet, for a generation reared on "oversharing," the confluence of digital selfhood with the labour of mothering has led to the demystification of previously unspoken reproductive struggles, like postpartum depression and pregnancy loss. In making public the nitty gritty of maternal caretaking and responsibility, there is the possibility of being unapologetic about the everyday mess that is our homes and lives when one is an #OverwhelmedMom.

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