Edgar Fabián Frías on the Salesforce Tower

28 Jun, 2023

Edgar Fabián Frías on the Salesforce Tower

For the entire month of June, alum Edgar Fabián Frías' art, "Hechizo Tuutú," was featured on the Salesforce tower! If you missed this amazing work, don't worry, you can see some awe-inspiring 4K HD drone aerial footage capturing this public project.

This 9-minute "art spell" was commissioned to celebrate Pride 2023 and was created in collaboration with Jim Campbell's Studio (Day for Night, 2018) and in partnership with Boston Properties, "Hechizo Tuutú" is a mesmerizing fusion of art and technology that will leave you spellbound.

Kron4 also spotlighted Edgar's work in a great interview with Dan Thorn here and below!