Ken Goldberg on Generative AI

26 Jun, 2023

Ken Goldberg on Generative AI

In a recent article poblished by TechCrunch, Ken Goldberg and Peter Abbeel talk about generative AI and robots, plus sweaters for robots and some light lanternfly extermination. While it’s true that various forms of machine learning and AI touch our lives every day, the emergence of ChatGPT and its ilk present something far more immediately obvious to the average person. Typing a few commands into a dialog box and getting an essay, a painting or a song is a magical experience – particularly for those who haven’t followed the minutiae of this stuff for years or decades.

BCNM's Ken Goldberg is UC Berkeley's William S. Floyd Jr. Distinguished Chair in Engineering and the Chief Scientist and co-founder of Ambi Robotics, which uses AI and robotics to tackle package sorting.

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