Ken Goldberg Exhibiting Trees, Time and Technology

13 Jun, 2023

Ken Goldberg Exhibiting Trees, Time and Technology

As we confront escalating environmental concerns and societal inequities, trees remind us of the interconnectedness of our histories, our landscapes, and our collective futures. Drawing inspiration from the landscape of Los Angeles, the science of tree dating, advances in AI, and Jewish thought artists Ken Goldberg and Tiffany Shlain create an interactive, multi-sensory installation that explores both emerging technologies and the ancient wisdom of trees.

The exhibition features large cross-sections of tree species commonly found in LA with evocative timelines burned into the wood referencing the intertwined relationship between nature and human history. Goldberg and Shlain also create a large-scale portrait of Los Angeles using the Auto-Arborist Dataset that includes a taxonomy of tree images and data released by Google in 2022. The tree portrait conveys the rich diversity of trees, the stark inequality of tree canopy coverage across neighborhoods, and a new way of seeing LA.

Art & Science Collide

In partnership with museums and institutions across the region, this is one of the most expansive art events in the world. This “collision” will explore the intersections of Art and Science, both past and present, with diverse organizations activating exhibitions on topics like ancient cosmologies, Indigenous sci-fi, environmental justice, and artificial intelligence.

PST ART: Art & Science Collide will share groundbreaking research, spark lively debate, and provide thought-provoking lenses to explore our complex world. Whether you are already in-the-know or discovering PST ART for the first time, Art & Science Collide will be the groundbreaking event of 2024. PST ART is a Getty initiative.

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