Hannah Zeavin on Thinking with Freud

13 Jun, 2023

Hannah Zeavin on Thinking with Freud

Indiana Public Media published a podcast with Hannah Zeavin, one of the founders of Parapraxis and an Assistant Professor of the History of Science in the Department of History and The Berkeley Center for New Media, on psychoanalysis.

The podcast, hosted by Alex Chambers, discusses how growing up in a family of psychoanalysts shaped Hannah's relationship to her own feelings, how psychoanalysis can help us think about social problems, gender panics, whiteness in psychoanalysis, and the space she’s created for thinking together. Hannah’s not only the founding editor of Parapraxis. She's also a scholar, writer, and teacher. Her first book is called The Distance Cure: A History of Teletherapy. It’s about the interwoven histories of communication technology and therapy. She has another book in the works, called Mother’s Little Helpers: Technology in the American Family, and she’s written for The New Yorker, The Guardian, Harper’s, and more.

Psychoanalysis has never just been about the individual patient. Even Freud used his theories to try to understand society. His practices may have fallen out of fashion, but his thinking stayed alive in the academy.

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