Paper Computing and Early Screenshot Cultures by Jacob Gaboury

13 Jun, 2023

Paper Computing and Early Screenshot Cultures by Jacob Gaboury

The edited volume Screen Images. In-Game Photography, Screenshot, Screencast is now available open access. The book contains many inspiring chapters by fantastic authors as well as artworks from outstanding artists. The volume offers a number of new texts on in-game photography. The Volume examines historical and contemporary image practices and phenomena, including screenshots, screen photography, screencasts and in-game photography. The individual chapters pose questions relating to the status, ontology and aesthetics of such practices and phenomena and also analysis of their cultural and artistic significance. Artistic works explore these questions in the form of various image practices. The authors and artists investigate the potential for a new area of ​​research at the intersection of a range of disciplines, such as media studies, media aesthetics, media history, image studies, photography theory, game studies, media art and game art. As one of the first publications to address these phenomena, this book speaks to a varied audience in the realms of media studies,

The volume was created by Winfried Gerling, Sebastian Möring, Marco De Mutiis.

Featured in Screen Images is Jacob Gaboury's "Paper Computing and Early Screenshot Cultures". Jacob Gaboury is an Associate Professor of Film & Media at the University of California at Berkeley, specializing in the seventy year history of digital image technologies and their impact on our contemporary visual culture. His first book is titled Image Objects: An Archaeology of Computer Graphics (MIT Press 2021), and it traces a material history of early computer graphics through a set of five objects that structure the production and circulation of all digital images today.

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