Michelle Carney Featured on People of AI

13 Jun, 2023

Michelle Carney Featured on People of AI

People of AI is a podcast showcasing inspiring people with interesting stories in the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its subset, Machine Learning (ML). The podcast will interview leaders, practitioners, researchers and learners in the field of AI/ML and invite them to share their stories, what they are building, lessons learned along the way, and excitement for the AI/ML industry.

In their latest episode, "Kind and helpful Machine Learning through UX research", Michelle Carney, a Machine Learning User Experience Researcher at Google and BCNM alum, was featured! We learn how her careers in music, neuroscience, teaching, and machine learning have informed her ability to understand how people use Machine Learning tools, and provide better feedback to help make these tools more useful, helpful, kind, and inclusive of all types of user experiences.

Michelle Carney is a Computational Neuroscientist turned User Experience (UX) Researcher, whose practice focuses on the intersection of Data Science and UX. Currently a Senior UX Researcher on Google’s Tensorflow Team, Michelle's projects focus on combining Machine Learning and UX. Her work includes Magenta’s latest Tone Transfer project and People + AI Research team. Outside of work, Michelle organizes the Machine Learning and UX Meetup, and teaches at the Stanford on Designing Machine Learning.

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