Trevor Paglen on Art, Design, and Technology

26 May, 2023

Trevor Paglen on Art, Design, and Technology

Alum and artist Trevor Paglen has recently been featured in an article for Artnet titled "Self-Adjusting Netflix Shows? A.I. Prompts as Artworks? Three Artists Debate What Technology Has in Store for Creative Work", which discusses the future of creative work in relation to self-adjusting Netflix shows, A.I. prompts as artworks, and the impact of technology on the art world, offering diverse perspectives on these topics.

Similarly, Paglen appeared in an article for the Cryptosaurus Network titled, "Self-Adjusting Netflix Show? AI prompts as artwork? Three artists debate what’s in tech for creative work" which examines the evolving relationship between technology and creativity, focusing on a panel discussion where artists Trevor Paglen, Khyati Trehan, and Sebastian Errazuris share their insights on the potential of A.I., NFTs, and the Metaverse in the art and design realm.

Paglen was featured in Artnet's podcast "The Art Angle", which featured Trevor Paglen, Khyati Trehan, and Sebastian Errazuris participating in a panel discussion that explores the evolving landscape where art, design, and technology converge, providing valuable insights on the current state and future possibilities of digital platforms in the art world.

Trevor Paglen, known for his work exposing power structures, contributes significantly to the conversation. He expresses reservations about the rapid advancement of technologies like A.I. and explores the conditions under which they operate. Paglen recognizes the potential for collaboration and collective problem-solving within the digital community, which he embraces through projects like "PRELUDES." Although he may not be interested in NFTs per se, Paglen leverages them as a means to connect with the digital community and explore his dystopian themes.

Paglen's contributions shed light on the ethical considerations and potential limitations of technology in the art world. His perspective encourages critical examination of the impact of emerging technologies, highlighting the importance of thoughtful engagement and considering the implications beyond surface-level trends. Through his work and insights, challenges the audience to think deeply about the evolving landscape and the role of technology in shaping artistic practices and experiences.

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