Greg Niemeyer at If You Weren't

24 May, 2017

Greg Niemeyer at If You Weren't

Greg Niemeyer, BCNM professor, was a speaker at If You Weren't a symposium on May 23rd, 2017.

The Stanford Graduate School of Education and the Brown Institute for Media Innovation presented "If You Weren't: Playing With Reality" a day long symposium in conjunction with the release of recent Bloomsbury publication, Alternate Reality Games and the Cusp of Digital Gameplay.

"If You Weren't" is a symposium of talks, games, discussions and designs on the roles alternate and augmented reality games play in shaping communities. It takes its title from the first sentence of the book: "If you weren't reading this book it would still exist. However, a game only exists if it is played." Likewise, reality exists for us only if we engage with it. Many emerging forms of game culture (ARG, AR VR) challenge classical reality ideas, but to what good? The day culminated with a discussion with noted game designer, author, and speaker Jane McGonigal on the possibilities and limits of games today.

Alternate Reality Games at the Cusp of Digital Gameplay is a volume of scholarship on the state of alternate reality gaming, this day long symposium brings together noted researchers and designers to discuss and play future directions for gaming in the real world.

Read more about the event here and the book is available for purchase here.