Making the Invisible Visible with Alum Trevor Paglen

14 Apr, 2023

Making the Invisible Visible with Alum Trevor Paglen

Listen to this great podcast on what would the internet look like if it weren't the greatest technology of mass surveillance in the history of mankind?

The Electronic Frontier Foundation's Cindy Cohn talks to alum and artist Trevor Paglen about mass surveillance.

From the description:

To Paglen, art is a conversation with the past and the future – artifacts of how the world looks at a certain time and place. In our time and place, it’s a world dogged by digital privacy concerns, and so his art ranges from 19th-century style photos of military drones circling like insects in the Nevada sky, to a museum installation that provides a free wifi hotspot offering anonymized browsing through a Tor network, to deep-sea diving photos of internet cables tapped by the National Security Agency.

Paglen speaks with EFF's Cindy Cohn and Jason Kelley about making the invisible visible: creating physical manifestations of the data collection and artificial intelligence that characterize today’s internet so that people can reflect on how to make tomorrow’s internet far better for us all.

Listen to the podcast here!