Osman Khan Video & Transcript Now Online!

12 Apr, 2023

Osman Khan Video & Transcript Now Online!

The incredible lecture "Road To Hybridabad" by Osman Khan, artist and academic, is now available online with the transcript!

The photograph of the homeland has faded (even its pixelated version), its imaginary horizon blended with the one that lays ahead. The no longer immigrant stands, insisting on place, building a new city on a hill, there will be no Bob or Bing in this number, we will misuse your tools to play our songs. This talk explores how the artist (and diasporic communities) engages active hybridity as a strategy for disruption and resistance against the dominant power and challenges prevailing aesthetics and logics. The talk highlights how these strategies challenge the impartiality of technology and expose its explicit (western) cultural impositions.

Osman Khan is an artist interested in constructing artifacts and experiences for social criticism and aesthetic expression. His work plays and subverts the materiality behind themes of identity, home/land, social and public space through participatory & performative installations and site-specific interventions. He is currently a Professor at the Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design at the University of Michigan.

In addition to his artistic practice, Khan is also co-director of the Indus Detroit Artist Residency + Culture Lab, co-curator of Halal Metropolis, a recent series of exhibitions and programs exploring Muslim identity in southeast Michigan, a member of the cosmic jazz group the Astro Mystic Sama Ensemble and occasionally can be heard performing his tablatechno as TigerX.

"Road To Hybridabad" was an An Art, Technology, and Culture Colloquium Lecture co-sponsored by the Arts Research Center and the South Asia Art Initiative.

Read the full transcript here or watch the video here or below!