Profile of Alum Edgar Fabian Frias in Voyage LA

05 Apr, 2023

Profile of Alum Edgar Fabian Frias in Voyage LA

Check out this new interview with alum Edgar Fabián Frías in VoyageLA!

From the article:

I am a visual artist who creates large-scale installations, public art, performances, photography, video, and workshops, and, has a prolific and expansive presence online. For example, at this moment, my GIFs on have received more than 290 million views and my memes, videos, and artwork are shared across the globe. Most recently, I have begun to edition my artwork to be collected in its digitally native format on platforms such as Superrare, Foundation, Rarible, Teia, and more. My art explores themes of Indigenous Futurism, queerness, alterity, dislocation, resiliency, hope, joy, play, animism, absurdity, technology, and more.

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