Ken Goldberg on The Next Billion Cars

30 Mar, 2023

Ken Goldberg on The Next Billion Cars

BCNM's Ken Goldberg joins host of The Next Billion Seconds Mark Pesce to talk the future of autonomous vehicles in their mini-series, The Next Billion Cars.

From the description:

In the first episode, Mark and guests explore the future of autonomous vehicles. It all started in 2016 when Tesla made a video touting their 'self-driving' software - which we soon found out was faked, but that didn't stop the industry. Every major manufacturer promised self-driving cars by 2021. But by the start of 2023, we aren't even close! Will the nirvana of driverless cars ever come - or will it remain a temping mirage, forever just over the horizon? Join hosts Mark Pesce, Sally Dominguez and Drew Smith, and guests Steven Cratchley (Pricing Manager - Advanced Technology and Future Mobility Lead, GIO) and Ken Goldberg (Professor, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, UC Berkeley) as they explore what the future holds.

Check it out here!