Tracing the Roots of Computer Graphics: A Conversation With Jacob Gaboury

20 Mar, 2023

Tracing the Roots of Computer Graphics: A Conversation With Jacob Gaboury

Jacob Gaboury, the author of “Image Objects: An Archaeology of Computer Graphics” and winner of the 2022 Computer History Museum Book Prize, sheds light on the evolution of computer graphics and its impact on our world today. Gaboury explains how computer graphics is not just a representational image, but also a virtual object that exists before rendering, and has broader influences than just Pixar movies and video games. It is an essential part of the history of computer science that has shaped the world in many ways.

Gaboury's book, “Image Objects: An Archaeology of Computer Graphics,” examines the materiality of computer graphics and explores the tension between “image” and “object” in computer graphics. It is a fascinating book that provides us with new abilities to see the world differently and understand that computer graphics have remade the world in their image.

In addition to his research and writing, Gaboury has also worked on several multimedia projects related to computer graphics and digital art. He is interested in contemporary artists using computer graphics and other digital tools to push the boundaries of the medium. While a lot of contemporary computer graphics research is directed toward photorealism and lifelike simulation, Gaboury's work reveals that many artists are exploiting these tools to make work that explicitly refuses realism, revealing a lot of the messy work.

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